The Art of Mathematics

Help 1.7

Keyboard shortcuts

1. Shortcut list

Calculator supports a set of keyboard shortcuts to access its functionality and windows like Memory or Log:

Alt+F4Close commandCloses calculator
Alt+SpaceSystem menuDisplays System menu
Ctrl+=Equals commandEvaluates current expression
Ctrl+CCopy commandCopies current selection to clipboard
Ctrl+EFile Execute commandExecutes file without loading into editor
Ctrl+KView Keypad commandShows or hides Keypad
Ctrl+LView Log commandShows or hides Log
Ctrl+MView Memory commandShows or hides Memory
Ctrl+NFile New commandCreates new calculation document
Ctrl+OFile Open commandOpens existing calculation file
Ctrl+PFile Print commandPrints the calculation file
Ctrl+SFile Save commandSaves file to its current name and location
Ctrl+TView Statistics commandShows or hides Statistics
Ctrl+VPaste commandPastes data from clipboard
Ctrl+WSwitches to editor
Ctrl+XCut commandCuts current selection to clipboard
Ctrl+ZUndo commandCancels last edit action
Ctrl+Shift+=Equals All commandEvaluates all expressions
Ctrl+Shift+KSwitches to Keypad
Ctrl+Shift+LSwitches to Log
Ctrl+Shift+MSwitches to Memory
Ctrl+Shift+TSwitches to Statistics
Table. 1. Calculator shortcuts.