The Art of Mathematics

Help 2.2.5

File Execute command

1. Function

Use this command for executing the existing calculation file without loading its text into the editor.

Fig. 1. File Execute command in menu. Fig. 1. File Execute command in menu. Fig. 2. File Execute command in toolbar. Fig. 2. File Execute command in Toolbar.

This command is useful when you have opened some calculation file and want to execute another file to process current dataset in memory or perform auxiliary calculations without closing current file.

2. Shortcut

To peform the command you can use Ctrl+E shortcut.

3. Example

Suppose in your drive you have file Square.lcl with square calculation inside:


And let in your current file you have:


Now, to estimate square you can use File Execute command: choose File >> Execute... or key in Ctrl+E shortcut and select Square.lcl file. You will get s memory cell with calculated square: 11.48.

4. Displaying Memory

If Memory window is hidden, use View Memory command or Ctrl+M shortcut to see the memory content.