The Art of Mathematics

Help 3.2


1. Function

Log displays important messages for calculations performed.

Fig. 1. Log. Fig. 1. Log.

2. Options

In Preferences you can adjust the behavior of the Log window.

3. How to use

Log displays Errors in red and Warnings in blue. If some Error encountered, calculator stops evaluating, because cannot proceed. Warnings are information messages.

Use Context column of the Log window to locate the source of the Error or Warning.

3. Messages

All the Log messages fall into two groups: Errors and Warnings. If Error occurs, calculations cannot be completed. Warnings are not that serious, but you are to take them into account cosidering the result.

1DomainErrorFunction is not defined for the input argument(s).
2OverflowErrorOperation or function call resulted in too big number, that cannot be presented in double precision.
3SingularityErrorFunction has singularity for the input argument.
4SyntaxErrorThe expression cannot be evaluated, because it is entered the wrong way.
5Not initializedWarningNot initialized memory recalled, such memory treated as keeping 0. Usually means, you mistyped the memory cell name.
6Partial precision lossWarningPrecision is lost partially, so, the result can be used for estimation only.
7Total precision lossWarningPrecision is lost, so, the result cannot be trusted.
8UnderflowWarningOperator or function call resulted in too small number, that cannot be presented in double precision, so it is replaced with 0.
Table. 1. Log messages.