The Art of Mathematics

Help 4.4


1. Function

Usually the Toolbar is displayed across the top of the application window, below the menu bar, but can be docked at any side of the calculator window. The Toolbar provides quick mouse access to many tools used in calculator. You can hide or display the Toolbar using View Toolbar command of the View menu.

Fig. 1. Calculator toolbar. Fig. 1. Calculator toolbar.

2. Options

Toolbar has 17 controls, most of which duplicate the menu commands:

1NewDuplicates File New command
2OpenDuplicates File Open command
3SaveDuplicates File Save command
4ExecuteDuplicates File Execute command
5Load MemoryDuplicates Memory Load command
6Save MemoryDuplicates Memory Save command
7PrintDuplicates File Print command
8CutDuplicates Cut command
9CopyDuplicates Copy command
10PasteDuplicates Paste command
11LogDuplicates View Log command
12KeypadDuplicates View Keypad command
13MemoryDuplicates View Memory command
14PreferencesDuplicates Set Preferences command
15Trigonometric unitsDuplicates Trigonometric units combo of the Preferences dialog
16Calculate allDuplicates Equals all button of the Keypad
17Context HelpThis button is a unique one — it provides acces to the Context Help command
Table. 1. Toolbar controls.

3. How to use

Use Toolbar for fast access to the main menu commands. To get prompt on the Toolbar item hover mouse pointer over it and wait for tooltip to pop-up or look at the left part of the Status bar: Status bar prompt is more explanatory, and tooltip may contain extra hint like shortcut.

Use Toolbar combo to set trigonometric units: radians, degress or grads.

To get context help click Context Help button — the mouse pointer will change to an arrow and question mark, then click the item of interest and corresponding Help section will be shown to you.

4. Docking

You can have the Toolbar docked at any side of the calculator window. To change its position drag it by gripper to the desired place, tracking rectangle will prompt the final position. To make the Toolbar floating double-click its gripper. As well, if Toolbar is already floating, you can redock it by double-click in its header.