The Art of Mathematics

Help 4.2

Status bar

1. Function

Status bar is dispalyed at the bottom of the calculator window, it shows the calculator status information. You can hide Status bar using View Status Bar command of the View menu.

Fig. 1. Calculator status bar. Fig. 1. Calculator status bar.

2. Status information

The left area of the status bar describes actions of menu items and Toobar buttons as you navigate through them.

On the right Status bar has five panes:

1ResultDisplays current calculation result.
2Trigonometric unitsShows the current settings: Rad, Deg or Grad.
3SSE2Indicates if SSE2 processor module is used for calculations, you can access this option in Preferences dialog.
4CAPShows if Caps Lock key is latched down.
5NUMIndicates if Num Lock key is latched down.
Table. 1. Status bar panes.

The right bottom corner of the Status bar is occupied with grippers — grip it with mouse to resize the calculator window.